The graphic magazine produced by Group 404 belongs to the publishing cycle distributed in the urban public space (in art and culture institutions, and service outlets). It presents different approaches to everyday phenomena shaped in contemporary local culture. It contains original texts, graphics and records of concepts and activities. The second issue of the magazine deals with multiculturalism in the context of an economic system based on the accumulation of capital, as well as values shaped by avant-garde art, particularly those related to the concept of internationalism. The authors refer to the issue of diversity as a cultural factor influencing the process of socialisation.

Support: BWA gallery in Zielona Góra, Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznań
Texts: Lidia Głuchowska, Maciej Kurak, Dorota Monkiewicz, Piotr Rypson
Edited and printed: Group 404
Layout design and typesetting: Maciej Kozłowski
Title graphic (design): Radek Włodarski
When: Zielona Góra / Poznań / spring/ 2023

Krzysztof Balcerowiak, Andrzej Bobrowski, Marta Chudy, Stefan Ficner, Milena Hościłło, Dorota Jonkajtis, Tomasz Jurek, Dorota Karolewska, Maciej Kozłowski, Maciej Kurak, Maryna Mazur, Maja Michalska, Witold Modrzejewski, Grzegorz Nowicki, Kornel Ofierski, Monika Pich, Maksymilian Skorwider, Anna Sobczyk, Piotr Szurek, Michał Tatarkiewicz, Radosław Włodarski.