Distaste (Absmak)

Zielona Góra, Galeria Biblioteki UZ, 17-29.05.2019

Artists: Krzysztof Balcerowiak, Andrzej Bobrowski, Stefan Ficner, Jarosław Janas, Dorota Jonkajtis, Kajetan Karczewski, Maciej Kurak, Agnieszka Maćkowiak, Maryna Mazur, Witold Modrzejewski, Grzegorz Nowicki, Max Skorwider, Piotr Szurek, Michał Tatarkiewicz, Radosław Włodarski

Curators: Maciej Kurak, Andrzej Bobrowski

Coordinators: Janina Walis, Max Skorwider

Poster: Radosław Włodarski

The exhibition ‘Distaste’ features graphic works by lecturers of the Department of Graphic Arts at the University of the Arts Poznań. The invited artists have made their works in various graphic techniques, referring to the works of the avant-garde group Bunt (1918—1921).

The Bunt artists simplified and distorted forms by geometrising their shapes. They implemented the main postulates related to the creation of a ‘new order’, a better world. Representing a socially engaged attitude, they searched for new solutions. The artistic project ‘Distaste’ continues Bunt’s ideas about ways of changing consciousness. Similarly to Stanisław Kubicki’s visions of a boatman swimming against the current, people fleeing the Tower of Babel and a naked woman with a black face, the works of the participants of the exhibition try to take us into a different reality. They pay attention to ignored, socially unacceptable thoughts, which at the same time break the declaration of the truth about the world. Abtaste, a concept promoted by philosopher Julia Kristeva, refers to the word ‘abject’, which is translated as ‘abandoned’, ‘vile’ and ‘hideous’. This is what the invited artists/graphic designers refer to.

Maciej Kurak